Is its future with independents and audiobooks?

Executive Summary

Just a few years ago, industry analysts predicted that e-books would transform the world of U.S. book publishing. The industry has indeed been upended, but the biggest change agents have turned out to be audiobooks and, especially, independent publishers. Unlike the vanity presses of previous decades that published whatever an author wanted, today’s independent publishers vet manuscripts before approving them and can produce high-quality books. Some first-time authors are able to earn higher profits by publishing through an independent than they could from a traditional publisher. Audiobooks have soared in popularity, with the number of titles increasing by one-third just in 2017. E-book readership, in contrast, has peaked and is projected to decline in the coming years.

Among the key takeaways:

  • The overall U.S. publishing industry is financially healthy; revenue is projected to grow by nearly 60 percent from 2017 to 2020.

  • One factor driving authors to independent publishers is the consolidation of the traditional publishing industry, which has limited the number of books published by the traditional outlets.

  • The rising popularity of smartphones has facilitated the growth of audiobooks and the decline of e-books.

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The Next Step

Barnes & Noble

Duffer, Ellen, “Barnes & Noble Revenue Decreases Again,” Forbes, March 31, 2018, The bookstore giant announced plans for five new, much smaller locations after recently released sales figures showed a drop in revenue.

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Independent Publishers

Shields, Mike, “‘Our business model has been completely jeopardized’ — these publishers say Facebook has nearly destroyed their livelihoods,” Business Insider, April 16, 2018, Creators of a new digital platform designed for publishers are hoping to recruit independents that have been severely hindered by a recent change to Facebook’s news feed algorithm.

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