Questions about SAGE Business Researcher

What is SAGE Business Researcher?

SAGE Business Researcher is an academic periodical that publishes 24 issues per year (every other week) and focuses on how current news and world events impact specific areas within business and management.

What is in a SAGE Business Researcher issue?

  • Report- In-depth coverage of a topic, made up of the following sections:
    • Executive Summary
    • Overview
    • Background
    • Current Situation
    • Looking Ahead
    • Chronology
    • Resources for Further Study
  • Short articles- Brief exploration of key related issues adding depth and dimension to the topic
  • Data- Downloadable for independent analysis
  • Expert views- Q & A interviews with industry experts or Pro/Con persuasive writing about controversial topics impacting business and management

Who writes the content in SAGE Business Researcher? Is it peer-reviewed?

The Reports, Short Articles, Data, and Expert View Q & A articles are written by experienced journalists and are thoroughly fact-checked, footnoted and sourced to experts to ensure the quality and accuracy of the information. The Expert View Pro / Con articles are written by industry experts and academics and put through the same rigorous fact-checking, footnoting and sourcing process to maintain high academic standards.

When are new issues published?

A new issue is published every 2 weeks or 24 issues per year. Since 2015 is the first year of publication, we are publishing bonus issues to total 32 issues by the end of the year.

What is the difference between SAGE Business Researcher and CQ Researcher?

SAGE Business Researcher guides users through how global current events and news change and evolve vital topics of interest in business and management. Each issue is full of data, in-depth analysis, and real-world examples critical to understanding and assessing issues in business and management today. Issues in SAGE Business Researcher are presented with the same academic rigor, journalistic integrity, and engaging style of writing that CQ Researcher has espoused for 90 years.

Questions about how to use SAGE Business Researcher

How do I cite sources in SAGE Business Researcher?

Click on the cite icon (located at the top right-hand corner of the page) to automatically generate citations in different citation styles or to download a citation to your citation manager. Read more on our How to Cite page.

How do I print or save an article?

Click on the print icon (located at the top right-hand corner of the page) or use the book icon to download the article in PDF form to save for later.

Can I email or share articles?

Yes! Click on the share icon (located at the top right-hand corner of the page) to email or share an article through social media.

What browsers are supported?

SAGE Business Researcher functions best using Internet Explorer 9 or higher, and the latest versions of Firefox, Safari, and Chrome. Some images and buttons may appear broken in older browsers.

Can I use SAGE Business Researcher on a tablet or mobile device?

Yes! SAGE Business Researcher has a responsive design, so all features function on tablets and mobile phones.

How do I stay current on SAGE Business Researcher issues?

If you want to be notified when SAGE Business Researcher publishes an issue on a specific topic, you can create a topic alert

Why should I set up a user profile?

By creating a profile, you can save favorite searches and articles past your current session on the site. If you don’t create a profile, this information will be cleared once you leave the site.

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